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DaRo Products are delighted to be part of the new DaRo Group website of which was launched only a few days ago. Within the new site, DaRo Products customers and viewers will be able to see the other members of the DaRo Group of companies, follow the growth of the Group, and click on to the various group sites to view products and services. Within the next few weeks other new group companies will be added – so please watch out for further news.

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Expansion in Welding and Fabrication operations for DaRo Products

Following expansion into our Welding and Fabrication facilities at our new location in Sudbury (on the Chilton Industrial Estate), DaRo Products Ltd are pleased to inform our customers that we can now offer heavier applications and have also increased our capacity levels.

For DaRo Products, quality, as ever, is of paramount importance.

With segregation facilities available, we can now offer both mild steel and stainless steel welding fabrications whilst minimising the risk of any iron-contamination.

Keeping the two apart is critical and this step reduces any risk of contamination, and stops iron particles becoming embedded into the stainless surface and damaging the oxide layer which in turn produces pitting corrosion, and surface staining.

As well as the physical expansion, DaRo have also taken on new staff and implemented an apprentice programme in order to increase our capacity.




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Another investment for DaRo Products

In our drive for continuous improvement, we are delighted to announce that we have purchased and installed a Trumpf Punch 3000, a truly resource-efficient machine.

Environmentally and in terms of material efficiency, the TruPunch CNC 3000 is a real benefit as it works without producing a scrap skeleton. With built-in intelligence of small parts, and gentle material handling, sheets up to 6mm thick can be processed virtually scratch-free – and all with a requirement of minimal floor space.

Initially sought because of a requirement for DaRo Products to punch out blanks for a major international supplier of heavy duty and military vehicle components, we can now utilise this machine for a variety of our customer’s requirements.

What do we get?

From an efficiency basis we get fast stroke rate, an average of 10% improvement of sheet utilisation, easy removal of parts, a small footprint, high energy efficiency and low use of compressed air. Coupled with the lower power consumption, this new machine offers greater efficiency and increases our capacity and flexibility.

Automated de-burring

Using Wilson Tools de-burring tool technology, de-burring operations can be carried out directly on the machine to remove sharp edges on straight lines or arcs, including acute angles and very small radii without the need of secondary operations.

What do our customers get?

The answer is simple – greater flexibility, quality and efficiency in processing times combined with increased capacity, reducing production lead times

To learn more as to how our new punch machine may benefit your requirements contact DaRo and we will be pleased to assist.

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Further expansion for DaRo Products Ltd

DaRo Products has moved some of their facilities a stones-throw away from their existing site, which is also on the Chilton Industrial Estate in Sudbury, Suffolk, this has achieved several purposes.

The DaRo management team recognised that space was becoming a premium but, more importantly, with a requirement to expand into heavier welding and fabrication applications it is necessary to separate mild steel and stainless steel welding and fabrication operations in order to minimise any risk of cross-contamination.

With additional staff engaged, including a new apprentice, the expansion site is up and running successfully and, having freed up space in the main Church Field Road site, we have also achieved increased capacity – which is always a bonus.


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DaRo Products to exhibit at the Southern Manufacturing Show

DaRo Products is looking forward to exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show for the first time this February and will be located at Stand “Q2”.

Held at the Farnborough International Venue & Events site in Hampshire, the show is established as the UK’s largest regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition.

Thousands of companies are expected to attend the proceedings which run from February 9 to 11. There will be representatives from a host of sectors from automotive specialists and electronic manufacturers to aerospace contractors, and suppliers to the pharma and bio sectors.

For DaRo the show represents an opportunity to network and meet manufacturing companies from across the south of England. Traditionally, we have worked closely with customers from the eastern region and are confident our products can also help businesses from further afield improve their manufacturing processes.

While we will have information on our sheet metal fabrication services, DaRo is attending the event primarily to promote the plastics vacuum forming services we offer. A key part of this operation is the component packaging and transit trays we produce, which are available both through bespoke ordering and off-the-shelf. Suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, the trays can help bring efficiencies to the manufacturing process and enable businesses to move towards a lean manufacturing model.

With the bespoke service, DaRo can work on existing CAD models or, if the customer prefers, engineer a custom-made solution based on a sample of a component, which will provide protection and support in transit.

We also keep a range of standard plastic vacuum formed component trays in stock for immediate dispatch. Ideal for transportation of engineering components, these versatile and stackable component trays are manufactured from environmentally friendly recycled materials, and are available in a number of different designs.

Together with our recent investment in additional Bellotti equipment to support DaRo’s plastics milling operation, our decision to attend the Southern Manufacturing Show is a mark of the confidence we have in the sector at present.

Please come and visit us at location stand “Q2”, where we will be happy to discuss your requirements further or if you are unable to attend please don’t hesitate to call us on 01787 881191 for an informal discussion.

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