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Congratulations to Sarah

Our warmest congratulations from all at DaRo Products to Sarah Pennock who, earlier this year, was awarded her full Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ professional qualification, and earned the right to use the letters ACMA.

When Sarah first joined us at DaRo Products as Office Manager in April 2004 we had no real idea of just how much of a human dynamo we had taken on!

Sarah had already spent a year studying in her own time at evening courses, and after joining DaRo, continued these classes for a further 2 years in order to gain her Association of Accounting Technicians’ professional qualification. This in itself is pretty impressive, but is all the more so when we consider that 12 months after joining us she also became Company Secretary after Rob Benson moved on, and in the following June took over the role of reporting monthly, quarterly and annual accounts figures to the Managing Director.

Having successfully obtained her AAT qualification after 3 years of continuous evening classes, and having taken on greater levels of responsibility for DaRo, many of us may just have taken the opportunity to sit back and rest on our laurels but no, not Sarah.

Keen to progress her career and take on even more responsibility, 3 months later Sarah signed up for several more years of day release at University Campus Suffolk based in Ipswich to work towards Chartered Management Accountant qualifications which, in anyone’s book, is a big commitment.

In April 2007 DaRo UV Systems was formed so Sarah undertook to prepare their monthly, quarterly and annual accounts, and in March 2009 (thanks to further expansion) DaRo Group was also formed – so no guesses as to who undertook to prepare these accounts too.

With this advanced training program and knowledge gained over the past 7 years Sarah has become a real asset to the company’s management team and now also looks after VAT returns and VAT audits, Payroll, Year End, budget setting with the MD, liaising with external IT companies, HR, customer credit control and financial planning and is still often the smiling face that welcomes me when I visit DaRo Products.

You can imagine how delighted we all are for Sarah, who recently passed the final elements of her course and is now fully qualified and entitled to use the letters ACMA after her name

So what does this industrious lady do in her spare time? Yep – she does actually manage spare time as well. She is a big fan of motorcycle racing, especially the Moto GP (must be all the leather gear!), and is the club secretary of the Sudbury Joggers (serious stuff this – check out the website Sarah recently completed the City of Norwich Half Marathon in a time of 2.08.26, with a colleague and member of Sudbury Joggers and managed to raise in the region of £350 for Macmillan cancer research and a local charity called “helping hands” which helps the local community – she even manages to make the spare time productive.

I guess that’s enough of embarrassing Sarah now!

Congratulations Sarah – we are all delighted for you – you have earned it.

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Working Partnership between DaRo and CasC Systems continues

Having successfully trialled the unique intelligent locking cabinet for a major UK Police Force; CasC Systems Ltd of Rackheath in Norfolk, turned to DaRo Products to help turn the prototype version into a quality produced production reality.

The “Intelli-bin”, originally designed by CasC, to enable total traceability to Police Forces in monitoring the use and retrieval of the new airwave Radio’s. The system is accessed via police warrant cards and linked to a CasC in-house software system. The correct airwave Radio only is allocated to a specific officer whilst the system also monitors the time and frequency of access etc. Once the system had been successfully trailed, the realisation was that the same cabinet system could be used for many areas of specialised and sensitive storage requirements from police vehicle keys to evidence, and from drugs to weapons storage.

In true DaRo style the CasC design team met the DaRo team and between them, agreed sizes, variations, production requirements, materials, coatings, colours, budget and, of course, time-scales.

The results of the project, and equally importantly, the success of the customer partnership has proven itself to be a great benefit to both companies, so much so, that CasC Systems and DaRo Products are now working very closely on other projects and are prototyping some exciting new products for the education market and export market places.

As Damon from DaRo stated, “This is a two-way street which tends to generate a win-win situation” it is not simply that when CasC Systems want to develop a new piece of equipment, they come to us, it is now also that when we are asked to design a new product that may contain high tech electronics, we automatically think of seeking help from CasC – in this way the customer partnership and co-operation helps to drive both businesses forward”.

It is generally agreed by both companies’ that the DaRo philosophy of strong customer partnershipsis a great success and helps to instil a great deal of trust and mutual respect for the talents and expertise that both parties bring to the table.

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DaRo continue to improve service.

DaRo Products continue to expand the One-Stop philosophy

Sudbury-based DaRo Products were not simply content with an enviable customer service reputation by providing all-encompassing solutions to current customers via Collaboration / Design / Sheet metal manufacturing /  Vacuum Forming / Powder Coating / Assembly and a delivery and collection service, they wanted to go that extra mile to offer their customers a full one-stop shop experience .

As Damon Goodyear explained, “We have a genuine philosophy of working with our customers to find ways of offering the best service and solutions, and this is also linked to a discipline of continuous improvement”.

It seemed to DaRo that the successful “customer partnership” ethos worked extremely well but clearly stopped at the point of delivery of the manufactured items.

As Damon continued; “We would package and deliver the product, at this point they may then have to be unpacked, labelled and repacked into the customers own packaging. The products might then need to go into storage, and await despatch paperwork, and then shipped out again. If DaRo offer a truly One-Stop shop, then why couldn’t we offer these services as well; and reduce the level of multiple handling, and subsequent on-cost? In some areas we were manufacturing plastic or sheet metal electronic housings which would be shipped back to the customer to have the electronics installed, yet we had the skills and ability already within the company to perform these functions when required”.

As DaRo pride themselves in offering solutions, plans were immediately put into place in order to offer the fullest range of service inclusive of additional warehousing facilities.

Now many customers enjoy the fullest benefits of a truly One-Stop shop facility.

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DaRo Products install new phosphate pre-treatment plant

DaRo Products Ltd have installed a Vixen phosphating pre-treatment plant, (funded through the Carbon Trust grant), and have further boosted their pre-treatment processes of ferrous and non-ferrous materials prior to powder coating. This action will result in even higher finish standards, and will help to maintain an excellent work environment standard.

The new Vixen phosphating machine is part of a range of aqueous pre-treatment plants which are designed to provide alternatives to the use of Trichloroethylene and associated solvents which makes it environmentally friendly in comparison to standard treatments but it is highly energy efficient, and with a small compact foot-print makes it a winner in terms of Carbon Trust requirements.

From the powder coating perspective the machine is not only highly energy efficient and compact but fitted with a warm air dryer, the temperature within the chamber can be maintained to assist flash drying once pre-treatments are completed.

This fully insulated, 100% stainless steel constructed plant will reduce and can even eliminate etch prime processes, provides excellent paint adhesion by ensuring that an ideal keying surface is provided  and allows the fast and flexible processing of metals.

As a natural part of the DaRo continuous improvement exercise, every design aspect, manufacturing method, procurement contract, and service function is continuously being appraised.

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DaRo Products expands its design facility

With a desire to offer full customer partnerships and as a fundamental part of the continuous improvement programme, DaRo Products have enhanced the service levels offered to their customers by adding a complete in-house design service to the equation.

The first stage of this was to take on board a new Design Manager – the position is new but the appointee is a familiar face who has re-joined the fold.

When we recently met up, Design Manager Rob Thomas explained how his past history with DaRo and his other business experience greatly adds to the customer experience.

Rob was with DaRo (or UV Systems as it was then) back in 1992 and during the next 8 years started to learn the fundamentals of the business first hand by undergoing full training in Welding and Fabrication. With an enquiring mind and a good eye for design, Rob moved into the Research and Development side of the business, and at this point completed his HNC in Product Design and Manufacture.

At this point in Rob’s career UV Systems was sold to Wedeco, who decided not to retain the R & D arm, so Rob “stretched his wings” and gained vital experience from within other organisations – all engineering-based, such as Sound Attenuators, (Acoustic Engineering) to The Galloway Group, Compare in Ipswich, and Dage Precision in Colchester.

It was not just about gaining additional experience during this period, as Rob was keen to continue his career development with sound educational qualifications also, and it was at this time that Rob completed his degree in Computer Aided Product Design.

With Rob’s training and experience, plus the very latest in software systems such as Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks and Radan software, (classed as “the world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software), DaRo Products can now offer full in-house 3D design and prototyping – from concept design through to working drawings, component design, engineering design, through to full product design. Rob works with customers to help them get the best solutions and is keen, to ensure that everyone is happy with the design, the prototype and the final product, and also that the most efficient manufacturing methods are utilised to minimise unnecessary costs.

As Rob states, “Even during manufacture, the design and perfection of the product is in my view, still a dynamic process; at no stage should we not still seek to continuously improve”.

If you want the best, and want to feel a genuine ownership for your products – then work in partnership with DaRo Products – Designed for Success.

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