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New Rainer CNC Punching Machine installed

DaRo Products of Sudbury in Suffolk have purchased their 3rd Rainer CNC Punching Machine from Punch Press Services.

In the drive to offer customers continuous improvement, accuracy and speed, coupled with home-grown lean manufacturing techniques, DaRo Products has purchased its 3rd Rainer CNC Punching machine.

DaRo Products bought their 1st Hydraulic machine some 6 years ago then upgraded to an E Machine. As the philosophy between DaRo and Rainer is similar, being “a desire to be at the forefront of product development”, it is hardly surprising that DaRo turned to Rainer yet again.
After a visit to Punch Press Services manufacturing facility DaRo placed an order for a high-speed electric 15-30 machine that features:

  • 30 Ton Electric Water Cooled Ram (30 ton punching capacity)
  • 3000 x 1500 Before reposition with Linear Drive, 260 M / Min (will take 3000 x 1500 sheets)
  • Twin Y Axis drive, making it probably the world’s fastest punch press centre (it assures maximum accuracy in all the work ranges, in any working condition and at the maximum speed without reducing the productivity of the machine).

Damon Goodyear, MD of DaRo Products explains: “With the Twin Y Axis drive being fast and, more importantly, accurate, with quick retooling systems reducing potential downtime, and with a drive able to take such large sheets we felt that we could offer our customers an even faster turn-around without compromising any of the quality or the care”.

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DaRo Products and Innovate3 open day success

Damon Goodyear and the team at DaRo Products and design partner Innovate3, (both based in Sudbury Suffolk); would like to thank all of the people who attended the open day at the Churchfield Road sheet metal facility who helped to make the day the success it was.

Special thanks go to the following companies who kindly allowed us to display their products at the open day:

Light Years Ahead Ltd – Impact and tamper resistant lighting equipment used in prisons and police secure units.

Mind Your IT Ltd – Secure storage and charging cabinets for IT equipment used in education facilities in the UK and Middle East.

Medicart International Ltd – Medical equipment trolleys used in hospitals around the world.

Ventalu Ltd – Ventilation equipment used in apartment buildings.

Herga Electric Ltd – footswitches used in a wide range of industrial applications.

CasC Systems Ltd – Intelligent locking storage solutions used for controlled access of airwave radios within the police force.

The DaRo team offered “congratulations” to Paul Bowers of Medicart International, for winning the “celebrity in a reasonably priced car” fastest lap of the day on our Scalextric test track!

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DaRo Products win order to supply Tyco Electronics

DaRo Products have been working with Tyco’s design department producing prototype equipment for testing and evaluation by the end user.

The equipment has passed all of the tests with flying colours and now full production is underway.

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DaRo produce sheet metal components for Sanyo UK

DaRo Products have won an order to produce sheet metal components for water resistant televisions for Sanyo UK.

DaRo Products has worked with Sanyo UK since 2005 producing sheet metal chassis plates and components for television sets assembled at Sanyo’s UK plant.

In recent months DaRo Products has worked closely with Sanyo producing sample television equipment to successfully withstand stringent testing, in order to meet the demanding environments of commercial applications such as airports, sports stadiums and fast food restaurants.

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DaRo and CasC supply police force with intelligent locking

DaRo Products and CasC Systems Ltd have worked together for a number of years developing a controlled access storage facility in conjunction with a software database to monitor the use and security of police radios.

DaRo Products have just successfully completed the first significant production order for the equipment utilising the company’s sheet metal, powder coating and electrical assembly facilities.

The project has been so successful that both companies are now working with the Police Force on utilising the same system to control the storage and distribution of other vital equipment, such as vehicle keys and evidential materials.

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