Many of the projects we get involved in are for new innovations, product designs and prototypes. We are also entrusted to manufacture unique products or customer-specific designs. For this reason it is absolutely essential that our customers know they can have complete trust in us, that confidentiality is assured, and that their interests will be protected.

We also act as the sole manufacturing outlet for a number of small businesses on a “white label” basis, and all of DaRo staff understand the importance of confidentiality and professionalism. We recognise that our performance has a direct affect on the perception of our customer’s business and brand reputation – a responsibility we take very seriously.

Clearly, this level of “partnership” between DaRo Products and our valued clients requires a great deal of trust.

We maintain this level of discretion throughout our working practices, employee understanding of confidentiality and our willingness to address all reasonable levels of non-competition.

We are happy to enter into responsible non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements where appropriate and take all reasonable steps to protect intellectual property rights.

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