Rapid development of embedded electrical systems

As an extension of our design for manufacture and product assembly services, we can also cater for the design and integration of electrical systems within 3D assemblies, such as control panels.

By using the SolidWorks Electrical design package, which sits within our 3D CAD design environment, we are able to streamline the process of developing embedded electrical systems within a product assembly and make it a seamless extension of the overall mechanical design process.

This one stop shop approach means that we can define electrical systems within the same CAD design environment, removing the chance of errors and maintaining design synchronization between both the electrical and the mechanical design process.

Improve time-to-market and reduce costs

Streamlining the planning of cable/wire/harness paths using the 3D model enables us to reduce design and development time as well as manufacturing lead times. We can also plan for efficient material usage and create detailed bill of materials (BOM) and  full build documentation for electrical and mechanical production.

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