In our previous blog we talked about some of the steps we have taken to bring efficiencies into our operations and to reduce energy usage and waste.

We are one of many companies in our sector who are working towards developing a lean manufacturing approach to what we do. This can be seen in a lot of the projects we get involved in with our clients, as increasingly we are being asked to develop and prototype low energy, low impact products on their behalf.

We have been working with one client to develop parts for industrial LED lighting that they will install into industrial units and warehouses. These will replace the fluorescent fittings that are being phased out because they use dangerous chemicals and are much less efficient that LEDs. The technology is moving so quickly in the lighting sector and our role in this instance was to help with the design, prototype and production of the product. So successful was the project that we have decided to install the LED lights we helped develop into our own workshop and warehouse, and, as stated in the previous blog, we have already installed a number of units replacing the old style 400w low bay lighting. Already we have achieved significant energy savings due to achieving a better quality of light using a quarter of the power. The new LED lights are also maintenance free with a lamp life of 20 years.

We also carry out a lot of work with a number of large UK manufacturing companies – the likes of Delphi, Bosch and Tyco – to develop efficient production systems.

Some of this work involves the design and building of bespoke trolleys, benches, racks and handling equipment designed around a specific production process to reduce handling time and utilise space and equipment.

Typically, a customer will come to us with an idea or a design and we will help them with the development of the product into a prototype.

We also produce material and component handling trays for a number of customers, which are designed to save time and help with reducing waste and the number of rejects in the manufacturing process. Produced through vacuum forming the trays can be either reusable or designed to be used as part of the packaging, and can be either lightweight or heavier and more robust. We make trays that are oil and chemical resistant, anti-static and stackable. They can also be designed to hold a specific number of a particular component which helps with stock control robust.

These are just some of the ways we are working with companies to help make their operations more efficient.


If you have a designs or an ideas that you want to make a reality please contact us on 01787 881191 or and we will only be too happy to have an initial discussion.