DaRo Products continue to expand the One-Stop philosophy

Sudbury-based DaRo Products were not simply content with an enviable customer service reputation by providing all-encompassing solutions to current customers via Collaboration / Design / Sheet metal manufacturing /  Vacuum Forming / Powder Coating / Assembly and a delivery and collection service, they wanted to go that extra mile to offer their customers a full one-stop shop experience .

As Damon Goodyear explained, “We have a genuine philosophy of working with our customers to find ways of offering the best service and solutions, and this is also linked to a discipline of continuous improvement”.

It seemed to DaRo that the successful “customer partnership” ethos worked extremely well but clearly stopped at the point of delivery of the manufactured items.

As Damon continued; “We would package and deliver the product, at this point they may then have to be unpacked, labelled and repacked into the customers own packaging. The products might then need to go into storage, and await despatch paperwork, and then shipped out again. If DaRo offer a truly One-Stop shop, then why couldn’t we offer these services as well; and reduce the level of multiple handling, and subsequent on-cost? In some areas we were manufacturing plastic or sheet metal electronic housings which would be shipped back to the customer to have the electronics installed, yet we had the skills and ability already within the company to perform these functions when required”.

As DaRo pride themselves in offering solutions, plans were immediately put into place in order to offer the fullest range of service inclusive of additional warehousing facilities.

Now many customers enjoy the fullest benefits of a truly One-Stop shop facility.