DaRo Products Ltd have installed a Vixen phosphating pre-treatment plant, (funded through the Carbon Trust grant), and have further boosted their pre-treatment processes of ferrous and non-ferrous materials prior to powder coating. This action will result in even higher finish standards, and will help to maintain an excellent work environment standard.

The new Vixen phosphating machine is part of a range of aqueous pre-treatment plants which are designed to provide alternatives to the use of Trichloroethylene and associated solvents which makes it environmentally friendly in comparison to standard treatments but it is highly energy efficient, and with a small compact foot-print makes it a winner in terms of Carbon Trust requirements.

From the powder coating perspective the machine is not only highly energy efficient and compact but fitted with a warm air dryer, the temperature within the chamber can be maintained to assist flash drying once pre-treatments are completed.

This fully insulated, 100% stainless steel constructed plant will reduce and can even eliminate etch prime processes, provides excellent paint adhesion by ensuring that an ideal keying surface is provided  and allows the fast and flexible processing of metals.

As a natural part of the DaRo continuous improvement exercise, every design aspect, manufacturing method, procurement contract, and service function is continuously being appraised.

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