DaRo Products of Sudbury in Suffolk have purchased their 3rd Rainer CNC Punching Machine from Punch Press Services.

In the drive to offer customers continuous improvement, accuracy and speed, coupled with home-grown lean manufacturing techniques, DaRo Products has purchased its 3rd Rainer CNC Punching machine.

DaRo Products bought their 1st Hydraulic machine some 6 years ago then upgraded to an E Machine. As the philosophy between DaRo and Rainer is similar, being “a desire to be at the forefront of product development”, it is hardly surprising that DaRo turned to Rainer yet again.
After a visit to Punch Press Services manufacturing facility DaRo placed an order for a high-speed electric 15-30 machine that features:

  • 30 Ton Electric Water Cooled Ram (30 ton punching capacity)
  • 3000 x 1500 Before reposition with Linear Drive, 260 M / Min (will take 3000 x 1500 sheets)
  • Twin Y Axis drive, making it probably the world’s fastest punch press centre (it assures maximum accuracy in all the work ranges, in any working condition and at the maximum speed without reducing the productivity of the machine).

Damon Goodyear, MD of DaRo Products explains: “With the Twin Y Axis drive being fast and, more importantly, accurate, with quick retooling systems reducing potential downtime, and with a drive able to take such large sheets we felt that we could offer our customers an even faster turn-around without compromising any of the quality or the care”.