Having successfully trialled the unique intelligent locking cabinet for a major UK Police Force; CasC Systems Ltd of Rackheath in Norfolk, turned to DaRo Products to help turn the prototype version into a quality produced production reality.

The “Intelli-bin”, originally designed by CasC, to enable total traceability to Police Forces in monitoring the use and retrieval of the new airwave Radio’s. The system is accessed via police warrant cards and linked to a CasC in-house software system. The correct airwave Radio only is allocated to a specific officer whilst the system also monitors the time and frequency of access etc. Once the system had been successfully trailed, the realisation was that the same cabinet system could be used for many areas of specialised and sensitive storage requirements from police vehicle keys to evidence, and from drugs to weapons storage.

In true DaRo style the CasC design team met the DaRo team and between them, agreed sizes, variations, production requirements, materials, coatings, colours, budget and, of course, time-scales.

The results of the project, and equally importantly, the success of the customer partnership has proven itself to be a great benefit to both companies, so much so, that CasC Systems and DaRo Products are now working very closely on other projects and are prototyping some exciting new products for the education market and export market places.

As Damon from DaRo stated, “This is a two-way street which tends to generate a win-win situation” it is not simply that when CasC Systems want to develop a new piece of equipment, they come to us, it is now also that when we are asked to design a new product that may contain high tech electronics, we automatically think of seeking help from CasC – in this way the customer partnership and co-operation helps to drive both businesses forward”.

It is generally agreed by both companies’ that the DaRo philosophy of strong customer partnershipsis a great success and helps to instil a great deal of trust and mutual respect for the talents and expertise that both parties bring to the table.