Often overlooked, product design materials are a vitally important component to product design, particularly if you are required to give a guarantee on your product(s). It has an affect on manufacturing costs, product weight, strength, aesthetics, durability and more…

DaRo has extensive experience in material selection, and can help you to choose the right material for the right product, application and environment. In particular, you may require specific material properties, such as chemical resistance, antistatic, anti microbial or flame resistance for example.

We can advise on the specific requirements of the industry you are in, which will have a bearing on material choices, such as when you need to use fully certificated RoHS compliant materials, and when you can make use of recycled materials.

We manufacture in a wide range of materials, and if required we can supply certificates of conformity for all materials we supply, with full traceability. We can demonstrate correct material utilisation on the shop floor too, to reduce waste and keep material costs to a minimum.

All products can be obtained in a vast array of RAL and BS colours.


Environmentally conscious

We endeavour to be as environmentally friendly as possible and will use recycled materials and minimise waste, which has the added benefit of keeping costs low too.
We recycle our own waste material, which is granulated and re-extruded to create high quality (but non-certificated) plastics for vacuum forming, resulting in a zero waste manufacturing process.

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