Quality control and quality assurance is an essential part of our business, helping to ensure complete customer satisfaction and providing full traceability back to the material and specification.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality control, we utilise a sophisticated Virtek LaserQC rapid inspection system, which gives us the ability to quickly and accurately scan manufactured components and compare them to the original CAD geometry.

Integrated with our production process, the LaserQC can accurately inspect a manufactured part within seconds and will instantly highlight any deviations from the original CAD file.

The inspection system helps us to ensure total consistency and repeatability. It also has the added benefit of helping us to reduce scrapped materials and streamline the inspection process, both of which help to keep our manufacturing costs low.

Full traceability

We can produce automated reports, inspection documentation and data files of the scanned part to support your own quality control measures.

Reverse engineering

The LaserQC system also has the added benefit of being able to scan and dimension a flat part and produce a dxf file (from which we create a CAD file) within seconds. This means that parts without drawings can now be put into production very quickly.


The Virtek LaserQC machine captures more than 500 data points per second and is accurate to within 0.05mm (0.002 inches). It also verifies calibration before each scan to ensure consistent and accurate results. It is far quicker and more reliable than the traditional methods of using calipers, height gauges and protractors.

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