At DaRo we have years of expertise in the sheet metal fabrication process with a highly skilled team able to turn around projects quickly and effectively. But just what are the benefits of sheet metal fabrication? Here’s five advantages to using the process.

Efficiency and accuracy

Through the use of the latest CAD/CAM and CNC technology and manufacturing equipment our sheet metal fabrication process is guaranteed to be efficient as well as accurate.

We employ a CNC punch press, which can be programmed to move and position metal sheets quickly and punch holes within a 0.05mm tolerance. CNC hydraulic and electric presses are also used to consistently form metal sheets into pre-programmed shapes and designs – a process that is ideal for repeat batch work.

Durability and malleability

Sheet metals are strong enough to withstand high pressures yet they are malleable. They can be formed into almost any shape, which means they are an ideal material for innovative architects and designers to work.

The final stage of the sheet metal fabrication process involves finishing the metal in some way to create a durable surface, whether that is sand blasting, priming and painting, or powder-coating. This process helps make sheet metal resistant to corrosion, sun, and moisture making sheet metal fabrication ideal for use in products that will be exposed to various weathers and climates.

Different types and thickness of metal

A DaRo we work with a variety of different metals, such as stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. Typically our metal sheets range from 0.5mm thin gauge through to 4mm thick plate while we also cater for larger, one-off, heavy duty pieces of up to 3m in size. Generally sheet metal is of a low weight and thin gauge making transport and delivery of the product straightforward and cost –effective.

Easily repairable

Once in use, items made from sheet metal can be easily inspected and any damage that has been sustained can be detected without difficulty. Repairs can be carried out in a simple and straightforward way by removing an individual metal sheet from a structure and replacing it without having to dismantle an entire construction.

Low cost

For all the reasons above – efficiency, durability, ease of transport and design – sheet metal fabrication offers customers a high quality yet inexpensive route to obtaining a product they can work with.